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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

A Bad Taste in My Cells: My Experience With Essential Snake Oil

My experience with essential oils is limited; I am a beginner in the use of them. I am open to learning about essential oils, but frankly have been disgusted by a well-known company called Young Living that exploits people to sell its essential oils. I am not discrediting the use of essential oils nor do I intend to scare people from seeking essential oils for healing. I am sharing my story to warn about the potential for manipulation by those claiming to heal. My advice is to use your discernment; trust should be earned not blindly given.

My Journey With Illness and Pain

I have been struggling with a variety of illnesses. As a teenager, I became sick with a mysterious illness that was misdiagnosed for several years. Upon seeing a specialist that treats digestive disorders, known as a gastroenterologist or GI doctor, I was told that I have Crohn’s Disease. Crohn’s Disease is an autoimmune disorder that causes inflammation, ulcers, and pain in the digestive system. Other symptoms manifest from Crohn’s—at its worst the illness can lead to disability or even death. My first response to my diagnosis of Crohn’s was denial. When the doctor told me that there is no cure for Crohn’s, I refused to accept that I had the disease. While Crohn’s was attacking my body, I refused to recognize that I was truly ill, and truly in need of help. The Crohn’s became progressively worse, to the point where I needed surgery to remove a section of my small intestine. After surgery, denial took a new approach. I began to think there was that my attitude or karma had created the Crohn’s in my body. I thought that if I did the “right” things, and was “spiritual enough” the illness would just go away. I couldn’t comprehend the truth right in front of my eyes: I needed to face my illness, head on and not run away. In the midst of my battles with Crohn’s, I was dealing with a lot of stress in my personal life and developed severe headaches. The headaches were so bad that I was literally forced to retreat from life—curled in a ball until the pain subsided. I fought for years to try to control the headaches, really not having the strength to deal with them.

Somewhere in the midst of this, I developed gastroparesis (a paralysis of the stomach muscles so food sits in the stomach for long periods of time without passing through). Slowly, I became disabled. Simple, everyday tasks were just as challenging as climbing the Himalayas for me. Taking a shower or being able to eat a full meal was a major accomplishment. Only I did not have the energy to celebrate. My weight had dropped from a healthy 160 lbs to 125 lbs, and 118 lbs when the symptoms flared. The GI doctors had trouble diagnosing the gastroparesis. I was either told that I was “making up” my illness or that my symptoms were Crohn’s related. I saw countless doctors, all who were not able to help me. All I had was my inner strength to get me through. A sense of humor combined with my interest in spiritual subjects kept me going—I refused to let my life slip away. Long story made short—I was advised to see a doctor who was known to be very intelligent, and able to cure just about anything. When I saw this doctor, I learned that is a cardiologist and was unable to treat me. However, the cardiologist immediately recognized my symptoms as being gastroparesis and referred me to a GI specialist (I had been seeing several!) to get tested.

Since all other GI doctors failed to effectively treat me, I found a new doctor. Getting tested is no easy process; because I have Crohn’s I was poked, probed, and made to drink barium that turned to concrete while still inside my body. Intensive tests were done to examine the digestive system, and rule out any other cause of illness. I was then given a test for gastroparesis—swallowing an egg sandwich filled with radioactive markers. X-Rays are taken while you digest the markers to determine how long the food stays in your stomach. My test proved conclusively that I have gastroparesis. The new GI doctor I found turned out to be a complete jackass, and he refused to treat my gastroparesis because he was convinced my problems were only caused by Crohn’s. When my illness did not respond to the Crohn’s medicine the doctor wrote damaging remarks in my medical records that I was possibly mentally ill or seeking drugs for an addiction. This incompetent doctor did not have the balls to face me with these thoughts directly. By then, I had been sick long enough to have a good understanding of my illness, a good understanding of medicines used to treat digestive illnesses and good understanding of how the GI system works. For whatever reason, the doctor refused to talk to me like an equal, and preferred to be “right” even at the expense of my own health and well-being. So I grew progressively worse. In an attempt to treat the Crohn’s that was really gastroparesis, I was given harsh drugs that completely suppressed my immune system. I suffered from never-ending sinus infections and if I injured myself, the wound would immediately get infected and was slow to heal. Another drug caused a severe rash that erupted in painful lesions all over my face, neck, chest and scalp. I also had a bad reaction to a drug called Remicade and developed severe pain in my joints, and it was near impossible to move. I was again forced to find another doctor.

By the time I found another GI doctor, and was being treated properly, I developed another autoimmune disorder: alopecia areata. Alopecia caused patches of my hair to fall out. My response to the alopecia was different: after all I had been through, I had developed coping skills that made dealing with alopecia easier to handle. Other than the occasional sharp, electric tingles in my scalp, alopecia is painless, I was thankful for that. Being thankful created a new me—I began to appreciate the life I have, and make the best of my situation. After a severe headache where I could not see out of one eye, and was not able to move due to intense pain, I finally saw a neurologist. A blessing—the neurologist is a caring, attentive doctor. I was then diagnosed as having cluster headaches that are known as “suicide headaches” because the pain is so horrible. Again, there was a new response to my illness: I was thankful for the diagnosis because I knew the headaches are real, not just a result of a spiritual flaw. With the knowledge of what I was dealing with I could then work on healing. I tried many things to heal myself—support groups, classes on how to manage chronic illness and pain, learning Reiki and crystal healing, finding a new group of friends to bring me back into life. In addition, I requested all of my medical records and began to research my illnesses. I feel more in control, more balanced since I have taken these steps. Though I am sick, I have hope for my life. I truly believe I will learn something from all of this illness that can be used to help others. So when a friend introduced me to essential oils, I was open-minded.

Pt. 2- A Bad Taste in My Cells

A High Pressure Sales Pitch to Healing

A friend named “Janesha” introduced me to Young Living (YL), a well-known company that produces a line of essential oils. Janesha is a saleswoman and marketer for YL—affectionately called a “distributor”. I was excited about the healing potential of the oils. I figured that because I was working to heal myself—that the oils would respond to my “signal” and cause a positive change at some level. Admittedly, I was naive and not giving careful thought to the advice being given. Janesha suggested that I attend an informational seminar that cost $15 then warned me that the oils are very expensive, but I would get to sample some. So I called the teacher, “Janetta” (who is also a “distributor”) of the seminar for more information. Janetta was happy to answer my questions—for a price. The conversation quickly became a sales pitch and I literally felt pinned to the wall under the pressure of buying the amazing and miraculous oils.

Janetta did not see me as someone in need of healing, but as someone who was a potential buyer of YL oils. Very quickly, Janetta steered the conversation into an attempt to get me to buy YL oils from her-- which would mean she was stealing business from Janesha. I am empathic, and since I can feel and sense energies and intentions as physical sensations, I literally felt sick from the intensity of the competition, and from the pressure to “Buy! Buy! Buy!”. Janetta had a single-minded purpose in talking to me: to sell YL oils. YL oils are purported to be different than any other essential oil in the world—they are made with a “special” distilling process and are organic. YL oils are said to have a “high frequency” which can slow or prevent disease. The founder of the company, Gary Young, is reported to be a world-renown expert on essential oils who has traveled all over the world collecting ingredients for his special blends of essential oils. Strangely, none of the YL material I was given explained what training, experience or credentials Dr. Young has in working with or producing essential oils. None of the testimonials in the company material attest to the actual knowledge or skill of Dr. Young as a physician. There is no indication that Dr. Young has trained in a university or has some kind of real, valid knowledge in working with plant medicine or working with the medical concerns of human beings. The only focus of YL is how superior, how advanced their oils are.
The literature from YL entices potential buyers to become a “distributor” by boasting of vague financial opportunities that can make you a few bucks or make you a millionaire. Another benefit of becoming a distributor is the oils—the distributor is led to believe that they can change the world by selling these special, one-of-a-kind oils. After being told that joining YL to market and sell their essential oils will give you financial security and that selling YL products shows how caring a person you are—devastating statements are dropped for maximum emotional impact. The literature abruptly ends with bleak statements about credit card debt, people struggling to make ends meet and mothers who are forced to go to work rather than stay at home with the kids. I could see why Janesha was hooked: desperation and hope of making her dreams come true. Janesha is an energy healer, hoping to one day quit her corporate job and open a healing practice. In the meanwhile, Janesha is struggling to the pay bills; which means working a job that is more of a routine than a passion. I truly believe that Janesha had good intentions to help me, that she is a caring friend. I don’t believe in “accidents” nor do I see myself as a “victim”. There was a greater reason—greater than even the miraculous oils—for me to go through this experience. One thing I had learned from my illness: no time is wasted if you open your mind, and open your heart to the lessons and insights the Universe provides. Those lessons may not be what you expect, may be difficult to accept—but in order to grow, you must push past your own limitations.

Pt. 3: A Bad Taste in My Cells

I Want to Believe… but the Testimonials Don’t Make Sense

Another strange aspect of YL is that since the oils are given such importance, with the emphasis that only YL has the magical recipe to a better life that Dr. Young, and his oils, are worshipped. I was given pages and pages of testimonials from Janesha. In one testimonial, the essential oils are claimed to have cured alopecia in which 44% of people using essential oils reported that their hair had begun to grow back, there was no mention of what happened to the other 56% of the study participants. The description of alopecia was also not accurate. The testimonial claimed that alopecia is just sudden loss of hair. In fact there are four different kinds of alopecia. Alopecia areata (the hair falls out in circular patches and the scalp may tingle or burn) and Alopecia universalis (all of the body hair falls out—including the eyebrows, eyelashes and hair on the arms and legs) are both autoimmune disorders. Which means the hair is not just randomly falling out but there is a trigger in the body causing cells to attack hair follicles, in turn causing inflammation and hair loss. With alopecia, it is common for hair to fall out and slowly grow back, although some hair may never grow back. The testimonial did not mention if the participants were using prescription medicines or other treatments for alopecia. The testimonial also suggested the use of rosemary and cedarwood for alopecia, adding that pregnant and breast feeing mothers should not use these oils because they can “promote menstruation”. Iron deficiency anemia is attributed to causing alopecia; so perhaps rosemary and cedarwood should not be used in women with anemia as well if it can cause excessive bleeding during a menstrual cycle? The testimonial did not offer any sources, any evidence, or any medical reasoning to the statements. I was left with a lot of doubt.

Another aspect of alopecia ignored in the testionial is the emotional and psychological consequences of hair loss, which can be particularly devastating on children. I truly believe that healing alopecia is more than just making the hair grow back—healing also involves addressing the emotional, and life-changing effects of losing your hair. For me, loosing the hair on my head was weird but once I got a wig it was not so bad. When the eyebrows fell out, that was more painful. I literally covered up my grief with permanent marker—shaped in slender crests of hairless eyebrows. The dam broke when my bottom eyelashes fell out. The whole shape of my face began to change when the bottom lashes fell out. I really did go through a loss—I had to reshape, and rethink the way I saw myself. In addition, I was embarrassed to be seen without hair. Even if I draw on eyebrows, there are times the eyebrows can melt or smudge. I am not a self-conscious person by nature so this was a hard adjustment for me. Two events really helped me. During the first event, I filled a box with all the hair products I could no longer use (which was just about everything!). I then clipped words and pictures from the magazine that represent my old life—when I had hair. Other clippings represented my old thoughts and perceptions of beauty. I put all the clippings in the box with hair products. I gave the whole box away. When it was gone, I celebrated giving away all those thoughts and perceptions. I got a new box to fill up, clipped new pictures and words from magazines to represent the new me. I also filled the box with items that represented and enhanced the new me: dangly earrings, colorful scarves, exotic skin crèmes, and cute barrettes for my wig. In the second event, I was passing the bathroom mirror without my wig on. Something happened and for an instant—I looked Egyptian. I remembered that I had a past life in Egypt. I knew Egyptian women shaved their heads bald and wore wigs. In some kind of way, shedding my hair had revealed my core self! I looked forward to coming to the mirror now because I realized I could make my image whatever I wanted to reflect to the world. Hair or no hair, it is my soul shining through my face.

Other YL testimonials claim the oils cure hearing loss, drove cancer into remission and relieve Bi-Polar Disorder. There is no scientific evidence, research or documentation to validate any of these claims. No evidence that the oils from YL have a benefit or medicinal value that makes YL oils better than any other essential oil. All questions about the essential oils of this company are greeted with the same response—which resembles programming techniques used by cults. During my association with Janesha and Janetta, I was repeatedly drilled with how great the oils are and how much my life would improve by taking them! Needless to say, I wasn’t convinced. Already, I felt drained and exhausted from just listening to the sales pitch. At that time I had no interest in YL oils, and did not use any.

Reappearance of the “Miracle” Oils

A few years later, I met another friend, “Janey”, who is a “distributor” for YL. Janey seemed very knowledgeable about the oils but again, I was hit with the high pressure sales pitch combined with the extravagant testimonials about the miraculous healing powers of the oils. Since I had found use in some of the information offered to me, I did buy an essential oil from YL. What I found useful was information on how to identify a pure essential oil versus one that is diluted or mixed with chemicals. Janey also offered advise on how to use essential oils in a treatment—explaining to me where pressure points are, and how to apply essential oils to them. The oils from YL were so expensive that I was only able to afford one oil. I did purchase additional essential oils from a nutrition store. To be honest, I can tell no difference between the essential oils purchased from YL and from the nutrition store. All of the oils I purchased are steam distilled; all are 100% pure and are organic. The big difference is the oils I purchased from the nutrition store are not as expensive, and I was more comfortable buying them without the high-pressure sales pitch.

Problems with YL quickly emerged during my association with Janey. To begin, the customer service is very poor. All of my e-mails to YL bounced and then were returned. Attempting to call the toll free number involved waiting on the phone for long periods of time—the longest being 18 minutes. The representatives lacked insight and seemed to be parroting the company literature. Again, YL oils were elevated to some kind of super power. Janey and several other distributors repeatedly claimed that Gary Young has some kind of connection to Jesus and a special mission given from God to create a special blend essential oils that will heal the world. The oils YL are supposed to be superior to any other essential oil—they are made from recipes and techniques used by Jesus, they are ancient, Biblical remedies. However, a web search on Gary Young revealed allegations that he is not a licensed medical doctor, and that he has a past criminal record. But perhaps the oils cured him of this?

I was also upset that because YL is structured like a pyramid scam. The distributors who sell more oils and make more money for YL are given special treatment. At conferences, the distributors who sell the most sit at special tables in isolated rooms. To me—this attitude is elitism and creates an imbalance by elevating the ego. I believe that imbalance has the potential to create illness and overall disharmony. The people who truly need support are left to fend for themselves against a pack of wolves pressuring them to “Buy! Buy! Buy!”. And who knows what goes on in the isolated rooms—the distributors emerge blindly clinging to their miraculous cure with the single mission of saving the world with this one and only oil that can heal humanity. Literature from YL reveals insights used by one distributor to guarantee “marketing success”. The distributor advises to be focused on one issue (selling and marketing the essential oils) and not get involved outside that focus, the tactic seems to have created a miniature world for the YL distributors and their followers.

Healing: A Drop of what I Have Learned

I don’t claim to know the secrets to health, healing and becoming free from suffering. What I have learned is the value of discernment—learning to recognize what is healthy or positive for your life and what is not. The way I use discernment is by evaluating where I have placed my focus—or where the focus of the information being presented to me is coming from.

Focus is a powerful tool in assessing where you are in life, and defining where you want to be. Focus shapes the direction or movement of your creative energy. Creative energy emanates from God—it is our freedom to shape the reality we live in and give something of ourselves to the world. When I was struggling with illness, denial of my diagnosis turned my focus away from healing. I was not addressing the way the illness affected my body, mind or soul. As a result, I distracted myself with false beliefs that made me feel good in the moment but over the long run, only served to keep me in a cycle of illness and pain. Problems with YL served to mirror my situation. The distributors I knew turned their focus to the mythical legacy of Gary Young, and his miraculous cures. The focus was not on healing but was centered on the illusion that there is only one way to health and happiness—through the special blend of the YL oils. The “only way” approach blocks all other channels to healing, and takes power away from the individual and places it in the illusion YL has created. Be careful of anyone who tells you they have all the answers, that they have a magical cure or the keys to your happiness in their hands. When your focus is taken from your place of creative power you will notice a shift or change in how you feel. You may feel confused, feel weak, feel an intuition that something is not right, feel pressured, or feel that your life is no longer in your control. You may even become sick or become stressed out. All of these things are truly happening when you place your creative power in the control of another person because, in effect, you are separating yourself from a life-giving connection to God and replacing that sacred relationship with something that is superficial, an illusion. Your body will become sick, stressed out, and drained of energy when it is no longer nourished by the creative powers of the Universe. Simply put—there is no substitute for God. When you begin to feel those triggers pay attention; they are signal that something is not right or that something is out of balance.
I still struggle with health issues but in my heart and soul I have surrendered, meaning I place my focus on God. Surrender may also be called faith or optimism. Surrender is not a place or a person. You may not see it or be able to touch it. Surrender is the choice to stop doing things your way, to stop looking for the easy way and instead let God work freely in your life. Surrender is going through all the challenges and trials, like a bull with its horns down—charging. Charging because you trust that there is an insight, lesson or opportunity for growth in every experience. Surrender is having respect for life, and respect for yourself. Respect does not mean putting anyone or anything on a pedestal; instead you see all of creation as equal. When you put your focus on God, you will feel a sense of purpose that fills your life with meaning. You will feel energized or upbeat. You will feel a sense peace. When something is nourishing, and healing it draws power from God. There is no force, manipulation or coercion involved because God has placed limitless opportunities for growth and expression within the Universe. When you surrender to God’s will, you are reconnecting with all of those opportunities by drawing strength from God’s design for creation, for us all.

I believe the difference between health and sickness is not as black and white as just feeling good—or not. The difference between health and sickness lies in what you do with the experience, how you use your creative power. You can direct your creative power in any direction you choose. With the freedom to choose comes a great responsibility, each choice you make will affect the quality of your life, and will affect the impact you have on this world.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

An Interview with Skyler Troughton (Five Y. Mysanthrop)

Question: When did you realize you are an exo-terrestrial? What process led you to this realization?

Skyler: All my life I've felt that I was different in some way, but I didn't learn the "nuts and bolts" of what made me different until I was in my late teens. It was a bit of a paradigm shift for me after I learned and I've been spending the last years learning how to take this information and trying to figure out what I should do to better the stance of my people. This is why I've started the Lysdexic Exodus.

Question: Do you have a family history of abduction or any children that have been abducted?

My mother has been abducted and was abducted while she was pregnant with me. I was abducted from birth on.

Question: What is your lysdexic calling or purpose?

Skyler: As for my purpose or Lysdexic calling, it is two-fold. My purpose within the fold of the Grey's social strata is to serve my purpose by submitting to procedures done on my body and having children so that they may contiue the genetic manipulation of my genetic lineage. This was the basic motives behind my creation. However, I've found that the motive of your creation and the purpose of your existence are two different things. The purpose that I have pursued is that of doing my part in giving my people solidarity and a voice.

Question: What motivated you to create the Lysdexic Exodus site?

Skyler: The site was created so that my people could see an avenue of action and be inspired to act in a way that would give them greater empowerment and say over their fate. My motivation for creating this site was due to the need for this kind of action and the lack of anything like this already being in existence. It was a niche that begged to be filled and I saw very few others doing so, so I felt that I should step up to the plate.

What gives you comfort when you are going through a hard time (flashbacks, feeling vulnerable, overwhelmed with your experiences, etc.)?

When I am going through hard times with flashbacks, haunting memories, and overall stress, I usually listen to music, write poetry, draw, or talk to a listening friend. I have many freinds who know what I am and know what I am trying to accomplish with the lysdexic exodus. Watching the persecution and exploitation of my people has brought so much pain on my part so, in a way, the Lysdexic Exodus has been a way to deal with the stress and kill the helplessness that I have felt by doing something about our position. The best thing to do is to keep moving foward and work through the stress. Don't let yourself stop because you may never start again.

Can you give us an update on the Lysdexic Exodus--any changes or advancements made?

Skyler: As far as changes and updates with the movement:
Along with your article, I've gotten a request to write an article for and I've been asked to write a book for Both are in progress. When they become available I will be posting the appropriate links on the website.

Thank-you for sharing with us, Skyler :) Be sure to visit the Lysdexic Exodus site for more information about Skyler, and her work with exo-terrestrials. You can also join the Lysdexic Exodus movement at the site.


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Lysdexic Exodus: Advocating for Exo-Terrestrials

Where did I come from, and what am I supposed to be doing? I have no idea. My soul is from elsewhere, I'm sure of that, and I intend to end up there. -- Rumi, Who Says Words With My Mouth?.

Lysdexic Exodus is a website about regaining control--taking your life back from being a victim to standing in a place of power and awareness. Founded by Skyler Troughton (Five Y. Mysanthrop), the name of the website means (taken from the site manifesto): The Lysdexic Exodus is a movement fighting for our inaliable rights that have been disregarded by extra-terrestrial races and to fight through the persecution and ridicule from our peers that happens due to the limited understanding of the abduction phenomenon and the existence of our kind. It is a movement toward the goal of standing up and giving ourselves solidarity, an identity, and a voice of our own without relying on others to speak for us.

The term "Lysdexia" indicates the strong sense of purpose or calling than many aductees feel. It is also common for new kids, multi-dimensionals and starseeds to feel a sense of purpose or calling. The feeling may also be described as a sense of responsibility or a mission. Often this purpose begins in childhood, and may make the child seem "different" or "unusual" compared to other children. This purpose may also be revealed through dreams, visions, intuition or telepathic contact (with ETs, spiritual guidance, angels or other non-human entities).

With abductees, the sense of purpose is different in that the abductee has to discern, and test, where the sense of purpose is coming from. The abductee may be a starseed, new kid or multi-dimensional who truly has a sense of purpose or calling. The abductee may report having positive contact experiences with the ETs and from those experiences, has developed a purpose or a mission. The abductee may also be manipulated, and tricked into serving the purpose or agenda of the ET group behind the abduction. Abductees face a very different situation because they are forcibly taken, and often not aware of what is happening to them (or they have their memories altered). For abductees, I highly recommend the book "How to Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction" by Ann Druffel. Always remember that you do have free will choice, and can exercise your inalienable rights at any time. It may not be easy to fight an abduction, and at times the experiences may be frightening or overwhelming but you do have the power to take a stand for your rights, and to assert control over your life.

It is very important to develop a process of discernment, and to be careful on how you exercise your free will. My rule of thumb is to view ETs and non-human entities in the same regard as you would view a stranger. Act with caution before blindly placing your trust, and your life in another person or ET. If you decide to do spiritual work or attempt out of body travels (astral projection, dream journeying, meditation, etc.) be sure to use grounding and protection exercises before hand.

The second term, "Exodus" refers to a large group of people moving from a hostile environment. In this case the exodus is (taken from the site manifesto:"The first step is contacting other people who are going through this and making yourself known. We have a very powerful tool at our disposal: the internet. We need to stand up, speak out, and be a united front. Reach out and touch someone, freely share information and experience, draw strength from the moral support that we can offer eachother and move foward. This is our exodus. This is our life. Let's take it back. Yes, we will encounter resistance and attempts to thwart our actions. Yes, we will encounter riducule. Yes, I'm fully aware that I'm going a bit kennedy with this, but someone has to do it."
The Lysdexic Exodus is a perfect description for a common journey among new kids, starseeds, abductees and people who have experienced paranormal encounters--It is the sense of purpose or calling that guides a person beyond the normal, everyday world. From this purpose, the person is challenged to integrate their experiences and perspectives into their lives. Or use what they have experienced to make changes or to assist others. In effect, a transformation occurs. Transformation can be a very powerful, life-changing process if the person is in control, and conscious of the journey. However, if a person is manipulated, exploited or abused the process of transformation is disrupted, and a type of slavery or control robs the person of their empowerment, and their free will. Skyler is bravely reaching out to advocate for exo-terrestrials, and encouraging them to fight against negative forces that may attempt to control, manipulate or exploit exo-terrestrials.

Sklyer coined the term "exo-terrestrial" to describe humans who have had extreterrestrial DNA spliced into their own (human) DNA. Skyler believes that ET groups are experimenting on humans, and altering their DNA to create a hybrid race (taken from site manifesto),"They engineer us after conception to snip away undesirable genes and encourage the better ones and then they augmet us with their genetics to make us genetically compatable with them. This genetic augmentation is continued throughout most of an exo-terrestrials life via injection of engineered viruses that carry the commands for mutation. (this is a tecnique that we also use, it being the most effective and efficient.) The alien abduction phenomenon is hereditary in nature. This means that if you are an abductee, then your children most likely will be too. If you are an exo-terrestrial, then your children will be genetically engineered further..." However, hybrids are considered "inferior" or "chattel" because they have no planet of origin and are conceived through artificial means. In effect, a kind of ET racism exists. Skyler says that planet Earth is a "neutral zone" and the only place in the Universe where hybrids have civil rights. Despite being a "neutral zone", the planet Earth is also a place where talk of hyrbids and starseeds is still taboo--often exo-terrestrials are forced to keep their identity secret. Ironically, as awareness of exo-terrestrials is becoming "popular" still experiencers feel they are living secret lives. This is because "popular" notions of what it means to be an exo-terrestrial are contrary to the real lives and feelings of exo-terrestrials. Skyler created Lysdexic Exodus, in part, for exo-terrestrials to receive support and encouragement to be able to speak their truth, and break free from patterns of secrecy.

Another problem is that those groups offering help often exploit the
exo-terrestrial (from the manifesto),"Due to our isolation and the raw wounds that we carry, we are left vulnerable to those who might wish to exploit us for their own personal gain. This happens every day. Ufologists steal our stories and print them without permission, shun us if anything in our accounts contradicts whatever angle they're going for, and attempt to speak for us based upon their own oppinions and outlooks regardless of whether or not they're correct or how they make us look. There are also countless scams and hoaxes that are done for the sake of monetary profit. These scams damage our credebility and leave us feeling jaded and wary of any open avenue. Not only that, but many well-known so-called "experts" in this field have an overly spiritual take on the whole issue of our existence. They turn a blind eye to the over-riding polotics of this and the science behind it. Many of our people who buy into the hype due to the absence of any solidarity as a people on our part and the need for understanding and acceptance are damaged by this current "new age" zeitgeist that is propegated by misguided but well-meaning "experts". We need to stand up, make ourselves known as a group, and put some pressure on the current status quo! We need to speak for ourselves rather than relying on someone else to speak for us. If we become reliant on others to speak for us, then we will place ourselves in a very bad position within the socio-political landscape."

I would like to add that well-meaning, caring professionals do exist. There are researchers and professionals who volunteer their time and give their lives to helping others. I believe the problem in finding professional who are caring and competent lies in dominant social attitudes that degrade and scorn anyone who is "different" from the controlled version of reality. Problems also stem from the lack of ethics and organization within the groups that help exo-terrestrials and people with spiritual or multi-dimensional concerns. Often these groups operate outside the realm of professional studies. So the people offering help work outside the boundaries of regulation. When you go to a researcher or hypnotist or investigator you don't know what to expect. Any rules or procedures regarding ethics, professional standards of conduct, and privacy are wide open and lack structure. The researchers or investigators who are licensed, and certified take great risks in coming forward to offer help. Researchers often become corrupted because they develop a personal agenda, and will persue that agenda at any cost. Researchers who truly want to help risk their own reputation and credibility to assist people in need--and expect nothing in return (unless there is a fee for their services, and that is understandable). Caring, competent researchers will not compromise the privacy of their client, will not sell or exploit client information to further their agenda or theories, will not use the client in any way but to work on the client's own healing or resolution. I hate to say it but such people are rare. So it has become a necessity for experiencers to come forward and help each other. What Skyler is saying is that we, experiencers and exo-terrestrials, need to take back our power and take a stand for who we are. We need to bring awareness to the public, to be active in speaking out, and to work to make positive changes.

To assist exo-terrestrials, Skyler has formed a Yahoo group that you can join from the Lysdexic Exodus site. Sklyer is so inspiring because she is an exo-terrestrial, speaking from her place of truth.
Sklyer advises (from the manifesto),"We will always be alone if we remain unknown. The way to kill a dirty little secret is make it no longer a secret, no longer little, and no longer dirty, in that order. It IS happening, it IS a big deal, and it ISN'T something to be ashamed of. Grow some balls and start something. Stop the exploitation. Fight through the fear, and do it. This is the first step. It doesn't have to be big. It can be as small as having a talk with a friend, reporting a sighting, or actively posting on an onlineforum. Just start there and work up, but be ready to take some heat. Most importantly, we must stay a united front! It won't be easy and it is one long hard road out of hell, but it's worth it. Let's tear the titanium veil. Join the Lysdexic Exodus!"
The purpose of the Lysdexic Exodus group is to support exo-terrestrials in taking an active stand (without violence) in raising awareness about exo-terrestrials, in asserting inalienable
(God-given) rights and taking a stand against exploitation, and in shaping the identity
of exo-terrestrials from the experiences and insights of exo-terrestrials (not shaped by an outside point or view or interpretation). I highly recommend a visit to Skyler's site. The core truth within Lysdexic Exodus is that we are co-creators of our lives and the world we live in. If you do not exercise your free will (inalienable rights) your freedom will be taken away, and you will be subject to being controlled by another. It is our sacred purpose or calling to stand up, and live as who we truly are.

Lysdexic Exodus :: Tear The Titanium Veil

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Walk-In 101: Soul Exchange on Earth

What is a Walk-In?

A walk-in is always consensual.

When a person is born into the body, the soul enters the body at birth. The soul gives the body its life, character, and all the traits that make a person unique. During the walk-in process, the original soul born into the body leaves (usually entering another realm or dimension). The body does not die because a new soul, the walk-in, enters the body. Walk-ins usually take place during illness, serious accidents or near-death experiences; there may be a time where a person is unconscious for a period of time. A walk-in may also be initiated by a personal transformation or a gradual process of changes taking place in a person. Upon entering the body, the walk-in has a responsibility to resolve old issues in the body as well as work in their own spiritual purpose. The walk-in is a completely new being entering the is like a birth.

Where Does a Walk-In Come From?

The walk-in may come from anywhere in the Universe. Walk-ins whose origins are from other planets or dimensions are referred to as "starseeds"--meaning their consciousness, and spiritual identity is extraterrestrial. Not all starseeds are walk-ins. Other walk-ins may feel that their origin is from a soul group--a joining of spiritual energies that share certain traits or experiences in common. Other walk-ins have spent many lifetimes on Earth. It is common for a walk-in to experience amnesia, and not to remember details about their life before the walk-in. It is also common for walk-ins to enter the body and either not have any memories about the life of the previous occupant, to have partial memories, or to have memories but not a sense of emotion or feeling connected to those memories.

What Are the Signs that You are a Walk-In?

Most walk-ins will have a knowing or intuitive sense that something is different or changed. They will feel compelled to find out what the change is--and to answer questions that usually deal with the walk-in process, and any unusual events that may have happened. A change most walk-ins usually experience is a need to change their name, or feeling that the old name or identity no longer fits them. Family, friends and co-workers will notice or become aware that the walk-in has taken place because the walk-in is a completely different person than the original occupant of the body.

Common Signs of a Walk-In Include:

*Shift in Memory, Memory Loss and feelings associated with memory
*A period of unconsciousness followed by a dramatic personal transformation or change
*Dramatic changes in beliefs, preferences, style, or interests
*Dramatic change in personal appearance or mannerisms
*Suddenly acquiring new knowledge, talents or abilities
*Suddenly gaining spiritual knowledge or psychic abilities
*People close to you notice you are "different" or "not the same"
*Suddenly leaving a long-term relationship or loosing close friendships. Followed by forming new relationships, and friendships with people who are very different than your old associates.
*Suddenly leaving or changing jobs
*Suddenly moving to a new location or feeling compelled to live somewhere else
*A strong calling to change your name to reflect the new you. A walk-in has told me that being called by her own name is comparable to the sound of fingernails being scratched over a chalk board!

For More Information:

Are You a Walk-In? by Liz Nelson (WE)

Common Types of Walk-In Experiences (WE)

Past Forward Rule: Top 10 Signs That You May Be a Walk-In

Other Thoughts on Walk-Ins:

What Is a Walk-In? (Other interesting articles and stories are posted on the WE site)
When a new soul comes into physical embodiment through the walk-in process, the original soul normally leaves, moving on to other experiences in the non-physical worlds, just as it would if it had gone through a physical death. The incoming soul assumes full responsibility for the human body, and for completing the life in progress. A walk-in can only take place with the full agreement of both the outgoing and incoming souls.
In some cases, the person may have conscious awareness that a change of souls has taken place, and they may even remember many of the details of the transitional process. But in most cases, the person is not consciously aware of the soul exchange, since the incoming soul inherits the residual memory stored in the cells of the physical body. So, the human life often continues on in a relatively seamless manner.

What Is a Walk-In and What Do They Do?
When the individuated, embodied part of Spirit, the Soul, has completed what it set out to accomplish in a lifetime, it has three basic options: take on a new life goal (Reincarnation-in-Same-Body), die, or walk out. If the Soul chooses to walk out, an agreement is made with another Soul to walk-in and continue the embodiment. This is not possession. It is not a requirement that a person be a walk-in to ascend. It is simply an individual agreement and another way of entering onto the planet.
The walk-in experience is so very individual that it’s difficult to give a definitive description..

Galatic Solutions

“Walk-in” is a term commonly used to describe a situation where the soul currently in residence is not the original soul. There are different types of “walk-ins,” and each type has different scenarios and experiences. 1. The most common scenario is that of a “soul exchange” which has been agreed to on a soul level, and where the original soul walks out of its body and life and is replaced by a different soul. 2. Another type of walk-in may consist of allowing higher aspects of a person’s own soul or higher self to manifest more fully in physical form, usually to assist with completing a mission. 3. There may also be a soul “braid” configuration involving more than one soul….

Wanderer's Stories of Awakening (True stories of walk-ins, starseeds, wanderers and people of multi-dimensional consciousness. Jody's page is very informative, and has alot to offer.)

I also liked the book "The Walk-In" by Juelle. You can read about Juelle on:

The movie K-Pax also represents aspects of the walk-in phenomena.

Getting Past the Hype


Thank you for taking time to visit!

The Cosmic Legacy is an open forum for walk-ins, starseed, new kids (Rainbow Warriors, Radiant Children, Indigo Children, Crystal Children, etc) and those of multi-dimensional consciousness to share their stories and insights. The mission of the Cosmic Legacy is to get beyond the hype and talk about what is real in our lives. I don't claim to speak for anyone but myself. When I am referring to an article or the thoughts of someone else the author will be given credit, and the work will be discussed as a theory or personal belief. I don't claim to know the absolute truth or to have the single answer; and I think to make such claims is just plain wrong.

I take it very personal, and get upset when I see instances where starseeds or new kids are exploited. I can expect movie producers and television shows to be dramatic, to elaborate on such subjects. That is the nature of the media. However, I have seen several cases where starseeds, experiencers of alien contact, and new kids were exploited by people who claim to work in their best interest. Such people usually make claims about how "special" the subject is or that the subject will "help humanity evolve". The subject is often told that they are psychic, that the ETs have chosen them for a special mission, that they represent a new generation of humanity. The claims of such researchers have been taken for "truth" and we are losing sight of the real lives, real people behind these fictious stories. I cannot stand by any longer and look the other way.

The Cosmic Legacy will explore the real lives, and real stories of starseeds, new kids &
multi-dimensionals in order to bring the focus back to balance. What must not be forgotten is that every person born on this planet has a special purpose or gift to share with the world. There is much diversity and variety in humanity, and in the design of the Creator. Honor the person God made you to be, and respect others for how God has made them. No one group of people can save the world. A UFO will not come to rescue humanity from destruction. Each person on this planet must take responsibility for their own actions and choices--and realize they are given free will to co-create the world we live in. My greatest hope is that humanity will look within, and begin a journey to discover their own truth.

Namaste ~ Kandelle